Ed Branyan

How many of you remember the Big Red Chuck Taylor High Top Sneakers? You don't Slip nor slid with the stars on the side the Big Gentle Giant! Big Smile, Big Hook Shot, Big Heart? We contacted a few of his former students, they remember Dribble Bounce, Dribble Bounce in gym class follow the rules or your in BIG TROUBLE! Everything this man did and everything he gave was Big! Our Recipient graduated from East Pennsboro High School in 1960, played 2 sports football and basketball and was president of his class. In 1959 his football team was number 1 in the country that Big. In 1960 he was selected as alternate tight end for the Big 33, in those days they played Texas that's Big! He was wined and dined by 5 major Div 1 colleges Penn State, Miami Univ., Univ. of Arizona to name a few. We asked him what made you decide to go to college as a basketball player. Well, he said, there were numerous times during the football season that he got up to answer the phone but nobody was on the phone. You see, he had been hit so many times that the bells were ringing only in his head. Footballs Loss was Basketballs Gain! The Big Red Sneakers decided to attend East Stroudsburg State Teachers College. Those sneakers player for 4 years starting every year and Captain his senior year. Upon Graduation he taught Physical Education at Oxford, New Jersey. The following year he started the first of 34 years at Stroudsburg school district. He coached boys and girls basketball for 25 years. During his basketball tenure his record was 291 wins and 148 loses. He coached six 1000 point scorers. Realizing that in order for your team to be successful you needed to Practice and work hard so by the droves hundreds of his students attended Pocono Invitational Basketball Camp here in Stroudsburg. The big Red Sneakers picked the brains of NBA players like Calvin Murphy and Mike Reardon. College coaches like Lou Carnaseca and Bobby Knight. Our role model "the Big Red Sneakers" could be found everywhere in Monroe County playing pick up games with anyone and everyone. "Big Ed" also had a well balanced academic side. He received his masters from East Stroudsburg College. He earned a principals certification while attending Moravian and Lehigh. He prides himself most for having taught every grade, K through 12. He currently resides in Port Richy, Florida with his lovely wife Kathleen half the year and summers in Stroudsburg. He daughter Stacy lives in Baton Rouge Louisiana and Lance lives here in the Poconos. Please extend a Very Big Hand for the "Big Red Sneakers" we have loved for over 40 years, Mr. Ed Branyan the 3rd Recipient of the Al Keglovits "Spirit of Basketball Award".. Lance please step forward to accept this award on behalf of your DAD!!!